Saturday, May 19, 2007


I've been blessed this last month with 2 short trips; and not-so-blessed that my nearly new iMac has been in the hospital for three weeks. Attempts to use the other 3 computers in the house have left me frustrated--do you know that feeling? It is like being in someone else's kitchen.

So I have been nesting instead of blogging. Springtime inspires home spruce-up activities for me, and it feels good to have accomplished a few things on my list:

*Planted a dozen caladium bulbs around the big tree in the front yard

*Interspersed zinnias in amongst the perennials in the flower garden

*Took out several clumps of day lilies and planted raspberries instead (Heritage and Latham)

*Took the day lilies to church and gave them a new home

*Added a climbing rose to the patio called "Joseph's Coat"

*Polished the wood. I've used lemon oil for years, but this time I tried "Method Wood for Good". It has an almond fragrance that I love.

*Tried to duplicate a wonderful salad I had at the Cheesecake Factory: dark greens (incl. spinach) , roasted asparagus, diced beets, sugared pecans, balsamic dressing, and goat cheese. To roast the asparagus, place the raw tips in a ziploc bag with a Tbsp. of olive oil and a smidge of salt. Shake to coat. Roast on baking sheet in a 450 degree oven for about 20 min, stirring several times. The asparagus is what makes this salad memorable!

*Also have been hooked on roasted cauliflower, made in the same way as the asparagus, but baked for a little longer. Vegetable candy!

*Made tons of chocolate-dipped strawberries.

*Tried my hand at an Asian dish from Gourmet magazine

*Removed the dark burgundy drapes from the family room, and replaced them with wispy sheers that let in a whole lot of light

*Threw away the tired mini blinds in one of the bathrooms and hung a crisp, white lace curtain instead

*Replaced nearly a dozen light bulbs in the house with energy efficient ones, and this time I spent a little more to get the full-spectrum bulbs. If you have never tried them, you will be amazed at the difference. Everything else seems yellow in comparison.

*Created a pretty little nook in the master bedroom by topping my sewing machine with a round piece of plywood, and covering it with a rich fabric tablecloth. I have it beside a floor lamp and my Grandma's antique rocking chair. Now my husband won't have to lug the sewing machine up from the basement every time I need to use it. And the bonus is that the skirt hides underneath a lot of books. I'm always looking for places to hide books!

Whew! It feels good to see the small accomplishments of a day add up to something significant when viewed as a list. I try to do something every day that I DON'T WANT TO DO. It is a good discipline for me.

I think the thing that was most satisfying was bringing more light into the home. Being a "light-keeper" is of significant importance in the home, isn't it? What a responsibility and a privilege homemakers have to influence their loved ones in such a way.

But I still don't do windows.

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