Sunday, June 17, 2007

Litany for a Beloved Husband

Mender of toys, Leader of boys
Changer of fuses, Kisser of bruises,
Bless him, Dear Lord.

Wiper of noses, Pruner of roses
Singer of songs, Righter of wrongs
Guide him, O Lord.

Mover of couches, Soother of ouches
Pounder of nails, Teller of tales,
Reward him, O Lord.

Hanger of screens, Counselor to teens
Fixer of bike, Chastiser of tykes
Help him, O Lord.

Raker of leaves, Cleaner of eaves
Dryer of dishes, Fulfiller of wishes
Guard him, O Lord.

Changer of tires, Builder of fires
Beloved end of my desires
Bless him, O Lord.

author unknown

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Dana said...

Lovely litany!

Thanks for stopping by Hiddenart.

Blessing fm GA,