Saturday, July 07, 2007

House Guest

My husband and I often sit out on the deck in the evenings for a cup of coffee. We have recently heard a strange noise coming from the surrounding greenery, a noise completely unfamiliar to us. Was it a bird? An insect? A toad?

Then one evening when my husband was away, I saw this frog hanging on my glass sliding door. Here was obviously the answer to our mystery. I took a good look at him to see if I could figure out how he managed to hang from slick glass. I noticed that he had little round disks at the end of each toe (toe? claw? paw?)

My little bit of research identifies him as a tree frog, and those round discs on his feet have adhesive qualities. Interesting creature~~~but I was ready to go inside.

I gingerly began to slide the door open, hoping the little fellow would just hop off. Instead, he slid himself through the crack straight into my kitchen! There he chose to hang on the inside of the glass slider. Happily, after all the children had the chance to take a good look at him,my son was willing to play the hero on my behalf and take prince frog back outside where he belongs.

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