Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life is Sweet

My husband, who is a minister, has had the sad duty of officiating at the funerals of two suicide victims and one murder victim all in a very short time frame. Sorrow lingers long after the funeral bouquets have been thrown in the trash. Though his sorrow cannot be nearly as acute as that which the family members feel, still I sense in him a palpable sadness. And I have seen the tears.

I'm touched that others in our congregation also see it, and seek to share in bearing the sorrow: a special prayer of encouragement, a tender pat on the back, and treats. Oh, the treats. Food and comfort are inexplicably linked, don't you think? After church today my husband grinned as he opened up the goody bag that contained the heartfelt offerings of special saints. A giant Snickers bar, his favorite. A slightly smashed doughnut. Huge, heavenly cinnamon rolls dripping with silky frosting. Small gifts chosen for the express purpose of lifting his spirit, of sending the message that "I want to bear your burden as you bear the burdens of others." How welcome it is.

I am reminded of a very old man that I once knew when I was working in a skilled nursing facility. He was a Jewish man that had attained the status of a centenarian. When ever he would hear of the death of one of his fellow residents, he would pause for ever-so-long and then say reverently,
"Life is sweet."

'Tis true.

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Kimberly said...

I googled "poiema" (to find the Scripture reference) and discovered your blog...lovely. I will visit more! Blessings!