Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life's Intersections

The wind whipped the car door out of control and it slammed into the Cadillac parked next to us, leaving a door "ding" behind. My husband wrote a little explanatory note and placed it on the windshield, along with our contact information so that we could make it right with the owner.

A few days later an elderly man called and identified himself as the owner of the car. To my surprise, he was not calling to ask us for damage reimbursement. He was calling to thank us for being honest. We ended up having a very pleasant conversation and I hung up feeling as though I had made a new friend.

It's interesting to think about how our lives intersect with others; sometimes the most trivial of events brings someone or something new and fresh into our lives. I like to turn it over in my mind at day's end, to take it out of my memory-pocket and enjoy it a second time.

What brings a smile to you at the end of your day?

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Peregrina said...

What a lovely experience, in spite of the rough beginning. It reminds me of an incident when I was 18, and had just bought my new (to me!) car. I dinged an elderly lady's car while backing out of the bank parking lot. I figured she was a bank customer so I waited until she came out, and showed her the ding, insurance card in hand. She was lovely and gracious and waved it off. Twenty years later, that lady has most likely passed on. I hope that she passed some of her kindness and graciousness to her offspring. :)