Saturday, May 07, 2011

Trash 'n' Treasure

I'll be honest and tell you I DO NOT BRAKE FOR GARAGE SALES.  In fact, I dislike them because it all appears to my eye as so much junk, which I need like a hole in the head.

However, today I was a captive audience because all four of my kids were helping with a garage sale to raise funds for a summer trip. OK, I will sheepishly admit I came home with a bag of, ahem, treasures BUT I am pleased to tell you I got rid of more than I gained :)

Would you like to peek into my bag?

  • half a dozen pretty padded clothes hangers
  • a box of flexible drinking straws for smoothies
  • a white Corelle serving bowl
  • hanging shoe organizer
  • a brand new mandoline slicer
  • pretty bows for wrapping packages
  • new shelf lining paper
  • a partridge in a pear tree (naw...just makin' sure you're still listening)
That's quite a lot of treasure for $10.00 !!


Poiema said...

Glad you took her home~

Shengirl said...

I'm a garage sale girl, love it :)Treasures are sometimes mistaken for junk. I am however very particular about what I buy and if it looks like junk from my car-see ya later. Don't have them anymore, give to the Goodwill.