Sunday, January 07, 2007

In Retrospect: the Best of 2006

Photo credit: Ferguson Studio

Because I did not start my blogging journey until November, I have chosen a few highlights from the months previous to remember. New Year's Day (2007) I had the luxury of staying in my robe until 11:00 a.m. by the fire, perusing my journal. It is fun to look back on the best moments, the worst moments, and the faithfulness of God through all moments. This first "In Retrospect" article is about an art exhibit our family viewed in January 2006.

You have to admire the adventurous spirit of a photographer who is willing to brave 17 days of bitter cold, often 80 degrees below zero, in order to bring home 2,000 prints of the "White Continent." Larry Ferguson's Antarctic exhibit was a breathtaking combination of black and white and color photos documenting his expedition. I was particularly taken by the black and whites, which captured the stark contrast between ice and sky. The other element that fascinated me was the array of textures that had been impressed upon the snow by relentless wind.

The cold was extreme enough to freeze batteries; analog cameras were the instruments of choice for this reason. Larry Ferguson proved masterful in using them to capture the pristine landscapes of this mysterious land of winter.

"From the breath of God ice is made,
And the expanse of the waters is frozen." Job 37:10

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