Sunday, December 23, 2007

Barrel of Blessing or Barely Blessed?

Do you read short stories at Christmas time? One of our family's favorites is A Miserable, Merry Christmas by Lincoln Steffens. If you have horse lovers in the family, do read it!

Yesterday I had a chance to read The First Church's Christmas Barrel ~~a little online jewel that Carol recommended. It is reminiscent of the Pollyanna era when missionaries were sent charity barrels from their home churches. Sadly, some of the barrels did not contain gifts worthy of the workmen. I had a college friend who was an MK (missionary's kid) and she told me they had received a large box full of USED tea bags. Yes, the well-to-do lady who sent them included a note that said, "These tea bags have only been used once." UGH!

I believe there was once a very wise man who said, "I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God which cost me nothing."

The most heart warming story I've read this year is a TRUE story you won't forget. Go on over to Liberty and Lily and read Donna Jean's testimony of a congregation who knows what real giving is. Bring your kleenex with you!

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Peregrina said...

Thanks for the I really am not working this morning, just taking up valuable oxygen at work...

Regarding the used tea bags. Ick. My mom has always led by example in this one, "If it's not nice enough that you would like to have it wrapped under the tree, don't send it to someone else."

I'm not sure how we came to the point where we think that missionaries, or the people to whom they are ministering, should just be grateful for whatever they are sent. That's certainly not the attitude that our Lord has! He sent HIS BEST!

Can you tell you kind of hit a nerve with me? :)