Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Pie and a Poem

The cherry pie is the end result of a lovely day we spent in the country at the home of our friends. Their cherry tree was loaded, and we happily set to work filling buckets of the tart red gems. Then we spent a pleasant couple of hours around the kitchen table, pitting them and talking. I came home with cherries just begging to be put into a pie. I've never felt I was a good pie-maker; somehow I never could master the art of making a crispy crust. I used refrigerated dough for this one and turned out a reasonably edible pie. At least I can say that there was not one crumb left after our 4th of July supper!

Speaking of pies, I enjoyed this poem that I gleaned from an antique book (1907) entitled Dinners and Luncheons. Here it is:

Two Pies

If you would know the flavor of a pie,
The juicy sweet, the spice and tart, you must
Be patient till the fiery core is cool,
And bite a little deeper than the crust.

If you would know the flavor of a man,--
God's mud pie, made of Eden's dew and dust,--
Be patient till love's fire has warmed him through,
And look a little deeper than the crust.
--Aloysius Coll

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