Friday, December 11, 2009

God the Geometrician

"I had been reading one of the driest passages imaginable from the Scriptures where Israel came out of Egypt and God arranged them into a diamond-shaped camp. He put Levi in the middle and Reuben out in front and Benjamin behind. It was a diamond-shaped moving city with a flame of fire in the middle giving light. Suddenly it broke over me:

God is a geometrician, He’s an artist! When He laid out that city He laid it out skillfully, diamond-shaped with a plume in the middle, and it suddenly swept over me like a wave of the sea: how beautiful God is and how artistic and how poetic and how musical, and I worshiped God there under that tree all by myself. " A.W. Tozer

I was never very good at geometry myself, yet the past several years I've been intrigued with the grand thought that God is certainly a geometrician. Tozer sites one evidence in his quote above, and it is a delight to keep a running list of other places His geometrical masterpieces are found.

Put snowflakes on the list. After our recent blizzard, it is only natural that we should be thinking on these little prismatic wonders! Each flake is a perfect hexagon, decorated with ridges, dendrites, and endless combinations of symmetrical artistry. Enjoy reading about them in the Guide to Snowflakes and take time to ooh and aah over the gorgeous photo gallery of snow crystals here.

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