Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been contemplating some significant changes that have transpired the past six months:

*Melody got a debit card and a driver's permit on the same day last January
*Followed by a cell phone
*And has started a little part time job for the summer
*Will get her braces off next month!!!

My son has changed, too.
*Most notably, he is now officially taller than his Dad.
*His voice has changed into a rich baritone
*He LIKES to practice his guitar and does so 1 to 3 hours a day

Joy has racked up several "firsts" for our family:
*Has participated in a community league for both basketball and softball
*Will be entering a private Christian school this fall for Junior High

Last but not least, Artiste has
*Met new friends in the neighborhood
*Kept her Dad moving. They like to shoot hoops and take rides on the bike trail together.

Speaking of moving, I have upgraded my exercise routine to include a trip to the gym 2 or 3 times a week in addition to my daily walking. The Leslie Sansone videos have served me well the past 5 years, but I needed to bump up the routine. The nearby Lutheran campus offers the use of their gym to the community for a very low price. I like the fact that I have a punch card and don't have to pay for visits that I don't make; each visit is just an affordable $2.00 plus I have the benefit of meeting new friends, mostly elderly ladies!! Much less intimidating than those co-ed gyms that have scantily clad patrons....

Finally, a really major change that involves the whole family has to do with our television habits. We have had Sky Angel for several years and the satellite was retired in March. The result: we have broken our addiction to watching the news and time wasting re-runs. After having NO TV for several months, we are now getting DVDs a few times a month from Netflix. I like it, because we can choose our viewing intentionally. Although I was the family member who watched TV the least, I still feel a great freedom to be rid of its subtle control.

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Amy© said...

We haven't had cable for years, and don't miss it. We do have a pair of $10 "bunny ears" that I pull out when we want to watch the news or PBS. We get perfect reception on PBS and ABC. (We will have to get a converter box when the big tv switch is made, but it's not something I'm too concerned about.) I've never understood paying to have advertisements delivered via tv, or how people can stand to watch the garbage that is almost always being broadcast!