Friday, June 06, 2008

A Sad Story About a Lot of Things

"This is a sad story about a lot of things. One spoon of shuger for 12 days nothing else.
Cut off all the hair of the pepole.
6 years with potatoes nothing else.
They killed all the children.

I choked up when I read these words that my youngest daughter wrote. They were notes that she took at a recent lecture which featured the first hand experiences of two women who survived the holocaust. Wilma survived Nazi Germany. Rachel survived Auschwitz.

I stand with those who honor Israel on this the 6oth anniversary of her statehood.
The Rachels and the Wilmas who remain with us have stories that need to be heard.

Rachel's late husband wrote this book, in case you are interested in more detail.


ichthys said...

Here is a poem in vignette form I wrote recntly that copliments your blog.
From ghetto where they were so badly used
Irene,saved over two thousand Jews-
She 'spirited' children out & away
Until the Gestapo had their final say
Ending Irene's war disabled & abused

Irene Sendler 1910-2008 a Polish heroine.Her actions went unrecognised until
awarded the Order of the White Eagle in 2003 and was nominated for the Nobel
Peace Prize 2007(the one awarded to Al Gore).In her last years she was nursed
by one of the children she had saved from the ghetto fifty years earlier

Poiema said...

Thank you for sharing that. It's wonderful to know that Irene and the children are not forgotten.