Friday, January 16, 2009

A Mystery Menu for Sweet 16

We had TWO birthdays this week~ Melody, my oldest, celebrated her "sweet 16" and Joy is 13. That means we now have three, yes three teenagers in this house.

I remember when I had three in diapers and I wondered what it would be like when we got further on down the road. Now I know! It's a whirlwind of noise and activity and it's exhausting and it's fun.

We had a "mystery menu" for Melody's party; this was something I remembered doing in my own teen years. Each dinner guest circled a certain number of menu items, which were written as a riddle. Unless they were very good at decoding, they hadn't a clue what they were ordering. They might have to eat their salad with a toothpick or their corn with a knife.

Here was our menu:



Circle 2 Blue
Circle 2 Black
Circle 1 Brown
Circle 1 Green
Circle 2 Red
Circle 1 Aqua
Circle 2 Purple

Yellow teeth (corn)

Secret Garden (garden salad)

Perfect Pitch (fork)

Babe (ham)

Dr. Doolittle (animal crackers)

Smiles Galore (cheese)

Little Dipper (spoon)

Irish eyes (baked potato)

Gasoline (coke)

Snow White (apple)

Ski Slope (ice cream)

Twiggy (toothpick)

Jungle Lice (rice)

Roman Mix-Up (Caesar salad)

A Sporty English Gal (Cornish Game Hen)

Sword in the Stone (knife)

Polly’s Delight (crackers)

Farmer’s Friend (water)

Sponge Bob (bread)

Jack (knife)

Cherry Red Mustang (Red Velvet Cake)

Skinny Leprechauns (green beans)

Florida Sunshine (orange juice)

Pucker Power (Dill pickle spear)

Mary Poppins (spoon)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's fantastic!

I would love to have been a fly on the wall at that party! :)