Saturday, January 31, 2009

Locked in Winter?

By the time we hit February, the loveliness of the winter season begins to grow dull--at least for me. The snow looks dirty, the floor has that telltale sand brought in with winter boots, and I am craving sunshine.

I'm thankful I am surrounded by youth. The world is still all beauty and wonder in their eyes, and they help me to re-focus. Here is "Winter" as seen through the eyes of my daughter, Melody.


Snowflakes fall; white and soft, blanketing the rooftops;
Windows bear the icy glint of winter's frosty fingerprints.

Silence claims the sparkling stream; shrouding it with crystal gleam;
Shutting out, so no one see, the living creatures underneath.

Daylight fades and leaves behind brilliant stars to light the night;
Pictures; hanging in the sky, impress wonder on the mind.

Deep in sleep, the peaceful trees sigh beneath the stirring breeze;
Dreaming of a lively scene, that waits to take its part in Spring.

poem and photo by Melody, age 16

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