Friday, November 10, 2006

Explosively Crisp

I'm talking about Honey Crisp apples. Have you tried them? These are a newer variety, developed in 1991 and fast becoming a favorite in our family. The texture is its biggest asset~ never mealy or mushy. The red delicious apples I bought at the orchard are shriveling up in the refrigerator bin because the Honey Crisps are so much better!
My children have become apple snobs. When I offer to cut an apple into wedges for their snack, they ask suspiciously, "Will it be a Honey Crisp?"

The cost is a little higher, the season is short and almost over, but hey~ I am a midwestern girl and I like buying a midwestern apple. No need to buy a Japanese Fuji or a New Zealand Gala when we have the best right here.

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