Friday, November 10, 2006

Tools of the Trade~~Binding Books

In our homeschool, Poiema Academy, there are always messy ongoing projects: nature notebooks, history writings and pictures, art sketches, pages of handwritten poetry. At one time we used folders to try to keep everything organized, but nice work tends to get bent up in folders. A great little tool called a Proclick solved this problem for us. About the size of a 3 hole paper punch, it is portable and easy for little hands to use. It can punch holes in 6 sheets of paper at one time. Then you snap together the comb spines and you have a spiral book that looks very professional.I have found that the children take more pride in their work when it is nicely displayed in book form. They give thought to designing the cover and the title page. It is easy to add on to and comes with a little tool that unzips the spine when pages need to be inserted.You can buy spines that hold up to 45 pages, and larger ones that will accomodate 85 pages. Proclick is available at Staples for about $66.

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